True Justice For William B. Brock Is A Death Certificate That Reflects Homicide Instead of Suicide.
Justice for William B. Brock


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Planning for the Future

The day of the alleged suicide was on a Friday, Mr. Brock had been out with friends and told them that he'd see them at the meeting on the following Monday. The day of the alleged suicide, Mr. Brock told friends he was selling his Audi®  because he'd just bought a Porsche®.  About  10 days prior to his death Mr. Brock had a family meeting,  telling everyone in the family that he had been approved for a  $9 million dollar venture outside of Volkswagen.  When pressed by the family to leave Volkswagen  immediately, due to the threats on his life he said "I can't because I've got people counting on me." 

Does that sound like suicide to you ?

Newspaper, Justice 4 William Brock in Houston, TX

Conflicting Evidence

Dr. Cyril Wecht; one of the best pathologists in the country was asked, has he  EVER dealt with SUICIDE?  He said "OF COURSE." Then he was asked where do people generally tend to shoot themselves?  The doctor said "Men tend to shoot themselves in the mouth, under the chin or in the temple; women typically tend to shoot themselves in the heart because they want an open casket funeral." When asked has he  EVER dealt with a suicide case where a  LEFT-HANDED man shot himself in the  BACK of the  RIGHT side of his head?  He said "NO.  Dr. Wecht then asked, What did the coroner's inquest say? "  It was explained that there was NO INQUEST; there was a report but NO INQUEST.  He said; that sounds like foul play.”  The bullet entered just above his  RIGHT ear in the  BACK of his head, and exited the  TOP of his  HEAD. Even if, for argument's sake, Mr. Brock were ambidextrous (able to use both hands comfortably), the bullet would have exited somewhere near his eye or nose, not the top of his head.  

Mr. Brock didn't even own a weapon. He borrowed the gun from his older brother because of the pending death threats on his life.

There was an alleged suicide note found near Mr. Brock's body that was later analyzed by one of the leading handwriting experts in the country, Curtis Baggett, whose is willing to prove in court that the alleged suicide note was forged.

The Writing Wasn't Clear 

There were 2 notes written in the days before Brock's death. The first was a statement against Volkswagen. This was ripped up and discarded. The second was an alleged suicide note. It is apparent that this note was forged.

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The Defined Mission of Justice for William B. Brock

Our goal is to restore the name of William B. Brock, a man who allegedly took his own life.
Additionally, we plan to publicly expose the party or parties responsible for his murder, and hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law. We are tireless in our efforts to make it known that Mr. William B. Brock was an admired and productive member of society. As the most prominent black executive of Volkswagen of America Inc, Westmoreland, Mr. Brock was proficient in his field of expertise. We plan to bring to light the fact that it is morally and ethically wrong for a man to be murdered for doing the job that he was recruited to perform.


Justice For William B. Brock has been in search of justice for over 30 years. Our volunteer base is growing at a steady pace. With this growth, we hope to accomplish more, and have a larger impact upon our community. We welcome new volunteers with open arms. Please help us as we diligently seek to bring a public spotlight to the murder and corporate cover-up of Mr. William B. Brock. We seek to advocate a more proficient justice system in America. Don't hesitate to inquire today about how you can become a cherished Partner of Purpose (P.O.P.), as Mr. Brock himself was a father, a husband, a brother, a friend, a P.O.P.

William B. Brock was a highly intelligent man, born in Pittsburgh, PA on June 6th, 1951 and died prematurely on January 8th, 1983 at the ripe young age of 31.

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