True Justice For William B. Brock Is A Death Certificate That Reflects Homicide Instead of Suicide.
Justice for William B. Brock


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Let's Expose Corporate Cover-up and get Justice for William B . Brock

The official report is that William B. Brock committed suicide on January 8th, 1983, hours after joining the $70,000 ,000.00 Million Dollar Class action discrimination lawsuit against Volkswagen, the automaker. Let's uncover the racism in the ride!


Justice for William B. Brock

William B. Brock was  recruited by Volkswagen as an Equal Employment Opportunity Administrator in the Personnel Office of the Westmoreland Plant in  July 1977. According to court documents, Mr. Brock was assured that he'd be responsible for the development and implementation of corporate efforts to employ blacks while ensuring the full compliance of  Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity Laws in the operation of the Volkswagen plant in New Stanton, Pennsylvania. 

Court documents also indicated that Volkswagen undertook public and private surveillance of Mr. Brock, including electronic surveillance and monitoring of the business, social and personal activities of Mr. Brock. In addition, Volkswagen communicated threats to the life and safety of Mr. Brock and his family and fabricated knowingly false and groundless information while threatening to defame Mr. Brock's character, based on it publicly.


On Friday 01/07/83 the night of the alleged suicide, Mr. Brock told friends he’d see them at the meeting on the following Monday. On the day of his heinous demise, he told friends and coworkers that he was selling his Audi because he was purchasing a Porsche. Statistically, those who are suicidal don’t plan for the future. During the designing of this website, many of the former employees of that VW plant were contacted to request information from their perspective, and they surmised that they were afraid to discuss anything related to this case because “I’ve got a family.” Mr. Brock’s cessation at that point had taken place more than 30 years prior. The question then becomes, if he actually committed suicide, why are so many afraid to discuss the FACTS of his DEATH?

Mr. Brock was recruited by VW to cleanup the racism that had been occurring at the plant in July, 1977. Mr. Brock personally recruited 10% of the 4000+ workers at the time, and was responsible for 10% of all workers being minorities. Initally, he had began hiring individuals from the black-community, then attempted to address the harsh and racist treatment of these blacks. Management was unwilling to do anything to address these issues seriously, and even helped to create a workplace where this type of behaviour was accepted, and in some cases even encouraged.

Click for the (Motive for Murder)

  • The link above is a letter written by Mr. Brock to the President of Volkswagen, a few months prior to his murder.
  • Hours prior to Mr. Brock's murder, court documents indicated that VW had attempted to coerce him with knowingly-false information, in hopes of convincing him and his associates to back out of the lawsuit. That move had an opposite effect, and caused reinforced solidarity among the black-community to get this suit resolved.
  • Hours later, the New York Times had reported that Mr Brock had went home and shot himself, but failed to mention the fact that he is left-handed, shot in the back of the right-side of his head.
  • At the time, news outlets failed to mention that Mr. Brock was president of the Washington County NAACP, running for mayor of Washington County, PA, which many residents stated he would have won, hands-down.
  • He had also been approved and was in the process of purchasing a $9 million Hilton hotel as part of a business venture. 


1.     Mr. Brock was LEFT-HANDED shot in the BACK of the RIGHT SIDE of his head.

2.      After his death,  Washington County, PA. Coroner’s office DIDN'T conduct an inquest.

3.     Upon death, his office was breached, and documents regarding the lawsuit against VW, stolen.

4.     A PA. State trooper, Patrick Leary found proof of homicide and Colonel Miller required him to cease investigating .

5.     The alleged suicide note examined by Curtis Baggett, handwriting-expert, was determined to be forged.

6.     Referenced threat on company letterhead, yet Court Docs say VW categorically denied threatening him, which can be seen as them perjuring themselves.

7.     Washington County, PA. Police Department finally released a Police report as of April 15th, 2022, after receiving numerous  F.O.I.A . Requests.

8.     Reported by the NY Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Jet, Ebony, Wall Journal, and more, no info online.

9.     Reached-out to multiple political and government entities, to no avail, in hopes of exposing the murder and corporate coverup of Mr. Brock.

10.   Reached-out to Congressman Al Green who promised that his office would involve the U.S. Justice department to get justice for Brock on July 8th, 2021, to no avail. 

What does it take to get our government involved in exposing  corporate cover-ups? )

On January 5th, 1983, just days before his death, Mr. Brock and other members of the VW Black Caucus were summoned to a meeting at the Volkswagen Westmoreland Plant.  During that meeting, Volkswagen attempted to coerce members of the VW Black Caucus into withdrawing and abandoning the  $ 70 million dollar class-action discrimination lawsuit  (Civil Action No 83-5) Filed against Volkswagen. According to court documents, Volkswagen attempted to coerce, intimidate and threaten Mr. Brock to refrain from participating in the Civil Action himself and also to take actions to prevent other members of the Black Caucus from pursuing the Civil Action against Volkswagen as well. That meeting had the opposite effect; in fact, it upset Mr. Brock so much so that he joined that lawsuit.

Court documents indicated that on the day of the alleged suicide, Mr. Brock told friends that he was selling his Audi because he'd just bought a Porsche. Documents also indicated that he told friends on the Friday of the alleged suicide that he'd see them at the meeting on the following Monday. Mr. Brock had just joined a $70 million dollar class-action discrimination lawsuit where he himself had the Mr. Bulk of the Damaging Information against Volkswagen. According to a New York Times article, he goes home and shoots himself.

Read The Article Here

The article doesn't mention that Mr. Brock was LEFT-HANDED  and that the bullet entered just above his RIGHT ear in the back of his head, then EXITED the TOP of his HEAD . Does that sound like suicide to you?

For more information to substantiate these facts, don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail…

Please help us expose the corporate cover-up and get Justice for William B. Brock...!!!

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***Did you know that Volkswagen is the Largest Auto-Manufacturer in the world and they own Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Sewell, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Seat, Skoda, Atlas, Eos, Cupra, and a host of additional VW products!

l wonder if people would be so enthusiastic about purchasing those vehicles if they knew the Black History of the 1st Volkswagen plant in the U.S. in New Stanton, PA.


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Steps were already taken to GET JUSTICE FOR WILLIAM B. BROCK...!!!

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Wednesday Octorber 5th, 2022: Now that the handwriting expert is willing to support the case for forgery, the Washington County Police Department cannot be reached, despite numerous attempts to contact them.

On Friday September 23rd, 2022 and Saturday, September 24th, 2022, Chief Dan Rush of the Washington County Police Department advised he would reopen the Justice for Brock case if proof can be found that the handrwriting from the alleged suicide note was forged. TW Brock spoke with Judy from a handwriting expert's office, who had given permission to Chief Dan Rush to reach out via cell-phone to him this week.

On Tuesday, Sepetember 20th, 2022, TW Brock reached out to Vanbderbilt University in hopes of ascertaining the TV recordings and newspaper clippings from the initial happenings of this case, to no avail.

Also reached out to the FBI-tipline on Mpnday, September 19th, 2022 with information regarding this case, but representatives that answered, after being on hold for 25-minutes, were dismissive and unhelpful and seemed disinterested in helping the situation, especially as soon as the case in quetion was mentioned. They requested a great deal of information about TW Brock, and did not seem as though they were interested in investigating the case, but were instead focused on investigating TW Brock, it seemed.

On Friday, September 23rd, 2022, Chief Dan Rush of the Washington County, Pa. Police Department informed TW Brock directly that if the suicide note that was found at the scene of the crime was officially proven to be forged by a certified source, the Washington County, Pa. Police Department states that they will look into reopening this case for further examination.

In September 2022, TW Brock has reached out to both, BMW and Nisan to coordinate whether these competitors of VW would be interested in sponsoring the legal efforts of this case.

On Friday April 23, 2021 while seeking an attorney's who'd be willing to take on this case on, on a pro-bono basis.   Several attorneys examine the website to determine if they'd be interested, many of them declined and without explanation even after seeing the facts associated with this cover-up.   On 04/23/2021 I spoke with Jon Parchman of the Parchman Law group who advised he'd like to take the weekend to examine the information more closely to make a more informed decision.  I received a follow-up call on Monday 04/26/2021 at which point he'd like to take-on my case on a pro-bono basis, I was absolutely elated and beside myself.   He advised he'd send over the contingent agreement he suggested we'd pursue a strategy of amending the death certificate 1st he asked me to find out what steps are required to amend my Pop's death certificate in Washington, Co. Pa.

Attorney Parchman advised; he'd pursue the strategy of determining who can amend the death certificate according to Pennsylvania law, in other words family, sons, daughters, sister. brother etc.   I then did some research and concluded that the existing Washington, County coroner is Timothy Warco.   I then contacted his office for information on the process for ascertaining a copy of my Pop's death certificate, I advised them that I had an attorney.

Shortly after I spoke to Jon of the Parchman group, whom I found in really inspirational much like the Pennsylvania state trooper I'd spoken with before reaching out to Col. Miller.   I'd spoken to Jon back and forth on several occasion then, one day just under a month later and just like everyone else who has explored taking on the murder and cover-up of William Bryant Brock.   Whenever they've gotten to a place of finding something fishy, just like other's my attorney simply fell off the map completely without warning, explanation or notification.   I'd never even received another phone call or explanation of any kind.  If my Pop committed suicide, please help me understand why so many are running interference to keep me from getting to the bottom of the facts surrounding this case.

On Sun 06/13/2021 while attending a function in Finnigan Park of Houston, TX I ran into Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee there with her liaison, I advised her that I was thoroughly disappointed with her and the lack of follow-up or follow through regarding the lack of handling of her constituents who've sent several correspondence to her about Justice for Brock, and the hundreds of attempts to get her office to involve the U.S. Justice Department in exposing the FACTS of the MURDER and Cover-up of The Most Prominent Minority Executive at Volkswagen of America in 1983.   The media was in the park on that day, I personally believe the reason she instructed her liaison Garrett Auzenne who was also in attendance on that day, to provide me with his contacted information at which point he'd given me his cell and office number he advised he'd be expecting my call at 9am Monday morning. 

I contacted Garett in the office on 06/14/2021 the call felt like disingenuous and like there was a spirit of drudgery Like there was really no interest in working with me to or anyone to bring forth the truth by exposing FACTS, but more like the liaison accepted my call because he was instructed by Sheila Jackson Lee to do so in the presence of the public setting that I saw them in on June 14th, of 2021. I haven't heard a peep from her about this case since.   I believe because there was no real concern or interest in the FACT that the EVIDENCE surrounding DEATH of William B. Brock severely questionable, in the 1st, place.   I mean any idiot with half a brain can see that my Pop Mr. Brock was murdered.   My supporters know and I that EVERY TIME VW makes a SALE in the United States our government receives tax money from the SALE of any VW product to include Volkswagen, Sewell, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti and Ducati all sold here in the U.S.   I was advised that they wanted me to complete a privacy release to get the justice department involved, why is my address and SS number important to opening my Pop's case.   He was the one murdered for Standing up for the Civil Rights of other Blacks, I tried to provide them with his SSN and his Final address to get the justice department involved.   I personally believe it's a scare tactic, or intimidation tactic, I believe many minorities back away from this case because of these scare tactics employed by our government. I've shared this information to let my followers know, the steps that I'm encountering as I journey to get justice for Brock my Pop. 

After completing my information with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee's office and not hearing a peep from her office from 06/17/21 until 07/05/21 when I contacted her office again after I felt blown off or pushed to the side when I did reach out to the Congresswoman’s office I got nothing by the following day they had assigned my Pop's a case #161661.   At no point had I ever received a call from Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee directly, or her office liaison Garrett, no letter, no emails, absolutely NO attention at all, her staff seemed dismissive as if they wanted a way out of having to serve me or any of her other constituents who had sent the pre-written letter via  attached to the link in the upper right corner of the website that says "You Can Help By Sending This Letter To Your Congress-Rep."  I hadn't heard anything from her, like many others in the minority community I felt ostracized and discarded as if I weren't important and more of an annoyance than a priority when I had initially turned in my paperwork, I was advised they were going to do something for me.   On July 5th, while posting info about my Pop's ordeal to Facebook associates and newcomers at 12:47am, I met Matt a Caucasian man who has taken an interest in my project, to get justice for Brock.   So much so that he expressed a desire to tag my post to several of his associates.   On July 5th, at 2:07am while chatting with Matt on Facebook he asked if he could assist by resending the message, I'd sent him, of course I welcomed the help.   Since that day, almost daily he resends, tags and likes post related to Justice For Brock, he's even suggested I reach out to minority groups that specialize in these types of projects and I must admit it's crushing and heartbreaking to have to come to terms with the FACT that my Pop died for other minorities who to date refuse to help or even explore how they can assist in anyway with exposing this cover-up and yet I'm ever so very grateful for those like Matt who is of another race who has more passion than my own people to get Justice for Brock than minorities who often say we are treated unfairly yet, it’s been my unfortunate experience so many Black’s refuse to pioneer an effort to enforce or insist upon change but we’ll often accepted whatever is handed to us.

At 2:27am, he shared my post about Justice for Brock with the following organizations, Pure Justice Group, Truth 2 Power Uncut Podcast, Speak Out, Tell the Truth Group and Pantsuit Republic Racial Justice Committee.   In an effort to assist me with spreading the word.   Not one of them reached out to garner more information from me directly.   By 2:37pm on the 5th, we tried to reach out to many of those groups via Facebook till finally Matt suggested that they may be closed due to the 4th, of July holiday.   At 8:48pm on the 5th, I requested that Matt reach out to Sheila Jackson Lee's office and speak to Garrett her Liaison about in an effort to hold the Congresswoman's office accountable to the case# 161661 which Garrett advised was assigned to the case of Justice for Brock in Sheila Jackson Lee's office.   On July 6th, at 9:36am I received a response from Matt who had contacted the office of the Congresswoman on my behalf, I was advised that the woman who answered the phone had no knowledge of the case, so he left a message for Garrett Auzenne, the liaison, as he reached out to T.O.P and added this information to his Facebook page, all to no avail.

I'd love to receive this kind of assistance from others whom my Pop lost his life for, from so called politicians who claim they're supportive of their constituents but, it's been my unfortunate experience that they seem to be more interested in being seen in the media than working with to expose the MURDER and COVER-UP of William B. Brock. 

On July 6th, at 2:04pm I reached out to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee's office on several occasions to no avail and my final call at 3:07pm was advised that I'm not a resident of her district therefore they couldn't assist me with the case, I was then advised that I must contact Congressmen Al Green’s office. When this information was brought to my attention, though upset because I didn't simply settle for “ok we'll handle it,” from the office of Sheila Jackson Lee. Because letters were sent to her office by many of her constituents from as early as the year 2016 to no avail. I'd like to know how is it going to be handled, what steps are going to be taken?  What can I expect from her office, since she's a state representative then I want to know that she's the kind of representation that's going to get the ball rolling on Justice For Brock, while keeping me in the loop with the steps being taken and understanding of what future steps will be taken by the office of Congress? That would prove to me that our government is working for the people and NOT for THEMSELVES alone.

At that point they advised that my constituency is with Al Green's district and I was then instructed to contact his office and start over from scratch.   I contacted Al Green's office on July the 8th, 2021 at 12:12pm and spoke with Lilly Rodriguez  who suggested I come in A.S.A.P to complete another Privacy Releasing Form that included my SSN, my Address, and everything about me, rather than my Pop, this felt more like a scare tactic to scare me away from seeking justice for my Pop-Brock, because I know that Congress has relations with big business, and it's been my unfortunate experience working with our government if we don't have a big name they tend to do little to support the cause.   

At 3:14pm on July 8th, 2021 I arrived to the office of Congressman, Al Green in Houston, TX to complete the necessary forms when I met with the Clarence Holliday, he constantly reiterated procedure, procedure, procedure.    He failed to understand or empathize with the reason for my passion with seeking to expose this cover-up, he made copies of paperwork I brought with me to his office and said he'd see what he could do, he didn't sound very reassuring and while escorting me out he said, we'll see if they can help, but "No promises."  On July 12th, at 10:14am.  I received a call from Clarence saying he believed they can help me with this case, and he requested that I do nothing for a month, I called him back on a recorded line at 11:09am to get clarity on tape.   On Tuesday July 20th, at 1:46pm I called his office to let him know that, I had more paperwork such as my Pop's death certificate.    I was advised he didn't need it at the moment but his office would contact me if they did.

At 11:29am on August 19th, 2021 I contacted Congressman Al Green’s office and spoke with his liaison Clarence Holliday, to determine the steps they’ve taken to move forward with the process of getting Justice for Brock Mr. Holliday refused to share what steps his office has taken he. He advised that he contacted the government offices he had to contact, when I asked which specific government offices that his office reached out to, he refused to disclose that information. When I tried to advise that I wanted to keep up with the steps being taken to get justice for Brock, he rushed me off the phone advising that he’d call me back later, again he vehemently refused to share ANY of the steps that Congressman Al Green’s office was taking to get justice. Yet Congress wants its constituents to blindly accept that their office is working hard for its citizen. I got the very same treatment from Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee when I was working with her office.

Click here to see the F.O.I.A. correspondence

At 12:10pm on August 19th, 2021 Clarence Holliday of Congressman Al Green’s office left a voice message on my phone saying that his office contacted the U.S. Justice Department. At 12:50pm I spoke directly with the Liaison of Congressman Al Green, Clarence Holliday who advised that his office contacted the U.S. Justice Department on July 13th, he refused to tell me who he spoke with or what they spoke about. I was expected to blindly accept that it was done, period. I was advised by Mr. Holliday that the public doesn’t have access to this information and he isn’t allowed to disclose it for privacy purposes, he advised that the public speaks to different sources at the justice department than Congress rep’s do. At 1:15pm I contacted the U.S. Justice Department and spoke to a woman who identified herself as operator 52 she was cold and indifferent; her tone was stand-offish and dismissive. When I asked “What are the procedures of determining who my Congress Rep spoke within the U.S. Justice Department.” I was told “I don’t know.” When I asked to speak to operator 52’s supervisor I was told “Hold on while I transfer you.” I was transferred to a busy signal when I called back operator 18 answered my call, she was much more receptive but we got disconnected, I called back and again got operator 52 who was highly disrespectful I’ve received better customer service at McDonalds I called back again & got operator 18 again who advised she’d take my number and have her supervisor return my call to no avail.

My question is, is it standard practice for our government to be dismissive of it’s constituents, and if so, when are we the people going to rally together and do something to change this atrocious system?

Attempts to have the Washington County, Pa. Police Department at (724) 223-4226 to release a copy of the original police report have continued to be denied, even after receiving several F.O.I.A. requests they've only just released the official report as of April, 2022. If Mr. Brock committed suicide, why is there so much fear to share the FACTS related to his death.   (Are they complicit?)   On 06/29/20 a Private Investigator/Detective named Bob Meinert from the Pittsburgh/Washington County, Pa. area was contacted.   He advised we'd have to acquire a subpoena of the records from The Washington, Co. Police Department to have them release their records.

On 07/23/20 further attempts were made to involve Dr. Cyril Wecht one of the Best pathologists in the country.  Dr. Wecht has worked on cases like The O.J. Simpson, Anna Nicole Smith, Whitney Houston, and several other well-known publicized cases.   Dr. Wecht was previously approached by Justice For Brock and asked has he EVER dealt with SUICIDE?   He said "Of Course." he was then asked where do people generally tend to shoot themselves?   He replied, "Men, tend to shoot themselves in the Mouth, Under the Chin or in the Temple, women typically tend to shoot themselves in the heart because they want an open casket funeral."   Dr. Wecht was then asked, Has he EVER dealt with a SUICIDE where a LEFT-HANDED man SHOT HIMSELF in the BACK of the RIGHT SIDE of HIS HEAD?   He said "No."   Then he was asked, "What did the coroner's inquest say?"   He was then advised that "There Was No Coroner's Inquest."   He then said "That Sounds Like Foul Play."  On 07/20 /20, 07/27/20, and 08/12/20 several ATTEMPTS were made to have WPXI Channel 11 News Pittsburgh do a story to Expose The Unknown Facts of Mr. Brock's Murder and COVER-UP continues to be IGNORED.   Mr. Brock had no desire to die, he was shot on January 7th, 1983 and actually Passed Away on 01/08/83 the following day.

The following is an email received by Mr. Brock's eldest son from Dr. Cyril Wecht on 07/27/20 is in response to receiving several requests for assistance with re-examining the facts associated with this case.

Mr. Brock:

The points you have made do indeed pose reasonable concerns regarding your father’s death.  However, as I have previously noted, these are matters that should have been delved into and thoroughly investigated by the police at that time. 

From a forensic scientific standpoint, I regret that I am not able to provide any assistance or offer any specific suggestions at this time. 

Best wishes.  Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D.

A Poetry page was created and added to the website on January 7th, 2020 for our supporters to view and add poems of their own, that lack profanity, that may be eligible to be added to the page and admired by other followers.

In 2019


On 08/2019, 09/2019 reached out to the Washington County, Pennsylvania District Attorney ( Gene Vittone), at (724) 228-6790 in an effort to encourage their office to examine the inconsistencies of the FACTS related to the Death and Cover-up that have NEVER been analyzed by Law Enforcement of any kind. Including but not limited to the fact that William B. Brock was Left-Handed, possessed a .38 caliber pistol with an 8-inch barrel, was shot just above his RIGHT ear in the back of his head, and the bullet EXITED the TOP of his HEAD. The alleged suicide note that was found near his body was later discovered to be forged by the same expert that analyzed The Zodiac Killer's handwriting. Both he and his family received numerous death threats. Earlier, on the day of the alleged suicide, he told friends he was selling his Audi because he was purchasing a Porsche; he'd also made plans to meet with friends the week following his demise on January 8th, 1983.


Made several attempts to reach Mike Fuoco at (412) 263-1968 of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to do a story on the murder and cover-up of William B. Brock, left several voicemails and messages with his staff, to NO AVAIL, until 09/5/2019, pending further conversation. Before that, his staff and colleagues appeared to be allusive and show Absolutely NO Desire to help reach him directly, there to examine the FACTS related to this Death and Cover-up of Mr. Brock. Original attempts to contact were made in 08/2019.


Reached out to the Washington County Pennsylvania Coroner, (Tim Warco), at (724) 228-6785, spoke directly with deputy coroner Paul Shiring in an attempt to determine what steps are required to have the body of William B. Brock exhumed to conduct the inquest that was NEVER performed, by the original and former coroner Ferrell Jackson in January of 1983. Contact was made in 08/2019, 09/2019, to date no follow-up from the coroner’s office.


On 08/28/2019, Mr. Brock’s oldest son was a guest on The Ebony Spectrum radio show Hosted by  Kevin Amos of WRCT 88.3 FM, Pittsburgh, to address the Murder, Cover-up and misleading FACTS of his Father Death.


Once again, our supporters like yourself sent our pre-written letter to their congressmen in an effort to get the US Justice Department involved to exhume Mr. Brock's body to re-examine the facts of his death.


I reached out to reporter Rose-Ann Aragon with KPRC Houston, pending a follow-up conversation. I sent her an email with the details of the murder and cover-up, as well as a link to this webpage that describes the inconsistencies.


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In 2016

I contacted Al Sharpton, the operator answered the phone, and when I stated the case she said she could not help me because the case was over 30 years ago and hung up, then I called back to speak to a supervisor she said I am the supervisor and hung up again. The number I called was 877-626 -4651.

The Justice for Brock campaign is working diligently to include Congress in the efforts of getting the U.S. Justice Department involved in the process of uncovering this acrimonious corporate cover-up, conspiracy scandal. We’ve contacted several congressmen to hold them accountable to the letters they've received from you and other constituents throughout the United States. On Friday, May 13, 2016, we attempted to contact the local Houston office of Congressman Gene Green at 10:57 am  (281) 999-5879, we spoke to Yoruba in the Houston office to determine the process of setting an appointment regarding the numerous letters received from you and other supporters of the Justice for Brock campaign. Yoruba said we must contact Ms. Ronda Jackson, who is the current Chief of Staff for Congressman Gene Green. She also advised that Ms. Jackson is located in the Washington D.C. office, and provided the contact number (202 ) 225-1188. At 11:08 am we contacted the Washington D.C. office and reached Juston Acley who advise Ms. Jackson was out of the office he inquired about the nature of our call, it was explained that we were attempting to follow up with Congressman Gene Green about the countless letters his office received about Justice for William B. Brock from his constituents to no avail. Mr. Acley advised that his office would conduct their own investigation and follow up with us.

Several of our supporters like yourself sent our pre-written letter to their congressmen in an effort to get the US Justice Department involved to exhume Mr. Brock's body to re-examine the facts of his death.


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In 2013

Updates were made to the website that includes the ability for others like yourself to participate in seeking justice for William B. Brock by joining the campaign to draw national attention to the murder and cover-up William B. Brock, the most prominent minority executive with Volkswagen the automaker. Joining this effort allows us to help fight a system of injustice and bring further attention to this matter. We have spoken on radio stations like with Host Jeffery L. Boney, who currently broadcasts Mon through Fri from 9 am to 12 pm EST we also have additional broadcast dates scheduled in 2014. We have also been invited to broadcast on Blog Talk Radio, a station that airs on Thursdays at 1:00 pm EST  with  Host Phyllis Wilson. For further information, please feel free to contact us. We've created a pre-written letter to be sent to your Congressional rep in an effort to solicit lawmakers to respond to this murder/corporate cover-up. We've added a page that lists our growing supporters. We've also added to the website a flyer that can be easily printed and then handed out at your local church, community gatherings, friends, family members, co-workers, and anyone else you can think of, to help spread the word to get Justice for William B. Brock. 


You can help by conducting discussions in your local church, book, civic, and/or social clubs, sharing the information with your Facebook, Linked In, or with your other networking friends. By printing our flyers to hand out within the community, talking to your local media about facts, and why authority refuses to explore them. Mail or Fax the pre-written letter to your Congressional Representative after sending the pre-written letter to your Rep. please, return to the website and click on and complete the "Next Step" link and ask EVERYONE that you know to do the same in an effort to encourage the immediate involvement of the U.S. Department of Justice to expose murder and corporate cover-up.


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In 2012

This website was designed to reach out to you the public, to bring local, national, and international attention to this matter. To secure public awareness of this case and bring it into the spotlight, to make an appeal to the United States Judicial System, to RE-OPEN and RE-EXAMINE the facts related to the untimely death of Mr. Brock. Due to the fact that William Bryant Brock DID NOT commit suicide but, his murder was made to look like he took his own life. Additionally, we plan to (publicly) expose the party or parties responsible for his death, and hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law. We are tireless in our efforts to make it known that Mr. Brock was an admirable and productive member of society. In addition, we plan to bring to light the fact that it is morally and ethically wrong for a man to be murdered for doing the job he was recruited to do.
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In 2009

A campaign began to reach out to the different media sources for assistance to no avail. The following media sources were contacted; CNN, AC360, CBS, NPR, ABC, WPXI News Pittsburgh, WTAE News Pittsburgh, The New York Times, and several other media sources. Each wanted more detailed information about who killed Mr. Brock's. All the news agencies contacted, seemed to take an interest in the case, but refused to investigate the matter further. It’s quickly being discovered that if they had the financial resources, perhaps Hollywood’s depiction of large amounts of wealth can simply pay off the legal system is true. How deep in government is the reach of a criminal enterprise? Are those that possess billions of dollars above the law? Does the justice system only apply to those who aren’t billionaires? 
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In 2008

Furnished with the more compelling evidence, like the  forged suicide note on January 14, 2008, the U.S. Attorney Generals office was written to petition a prompt response. An acknowledgment of that correspondence was never received. So, the FBI was contacted, they also refused to help, unless they were invited in by the local authorities. This was puzzling and very disturbing after seeing all over local news that the FBI was investigating the local District Attorneys office in November 2007. An inquiry was made about the possibility of getting help from the FBI if there was suspicion of profiteering or decent at the hands of local authorities, it was reiterated that the FBI would not intervene without local authorities inviting them in. Even under suspected wrongdoing, there was nothing that the FBI would do to intervene and Get Justice for William B. Brock. While preparing to reach out to the U.S. Justice Department again; attention was brought to the fact that Washington County had finally replaced their District Attorney; it was known that it’d be futile to reach out to the U.S. Attorney without 1st attempting to approach the new Washington County District Attorney. On February 08, 2008, The New D.A. was contacted, and the myriad of impelling evidence from years of incessant inquiry, fact-finding, and fishing expeditions that had uncovered indisputable evidence was presented to him, he advised that he was impressed by the data that he’d seen. So much so that he stated he was going to get Mr. Brock’s son before a grand jury to finally get Justice for William B. Brock. In another attempt to obtain a copy of the original police report, to get all of the facts of what took place on the night of the alleged suicide, a follow-up phone call was placed to the City Solicitor, and on February 26, 2008, a denial response was received from the City Solicitor’s Office. They refused to release a copy of the police report, even with the FOIA request. The New District Attorney gave the personal assurance that he made his chief county detective responsible for looking into this matter, and it would likely take a few weeks to examine the case.

The new District Attorney insisted Mr. Brock’s son not to talk to anyone else, especially the media, about the facts of the case. The New District Attorney was allotted time and space to examine facts related to the sensitive nature of this case, and it was soon noticed that The New District Attorney began a pattern of avoidance. Additional sources of aid were sought, on June 27, 2008, NBC Nightly News was contacted in an attempt to purchase archived videotapes of news footage of Mr. Brock. On July 02, 2008, another attempt was made to reach the District Attorney, but it was clear that these efforts were also futile. On July 19, 2008, contact was finally made with The District Attorney, who advised that the hold-up was due to his endeavors to involve the State Police in this investigation. Troubled by that response, Mr. Brock’s son replied, “You’re the D.A. you simply make a phone call, and the State Police are involved.” He explained. “The old administration is retiring, and he worked better with the new administration,” so he was asked, “Out of curiosity, who’s the old administration?” When the District Attorney provided the retiring State Police Officer’s name, it became apparent that he had no real interest in pursuing this case, because the retiring State Police Officer was the original Criminal Investigating Detective of the Pennsylvania State Police that had begun examining this case back in  2003 in the first place. The only officer that’s ever really shown any real interest in Getting Justice for William B. Brock, Trust, and complete confidence in the Washington County legal system, was lost instantly.

Frustrated with this ridiculous and unreasonable process on October 16, 2008, the Supervisory Special Agent at the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General Bureau of Criminal Investigations, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was contacted. Also, to be told by that office that they wouldn’t step in unless they were invited in by local authorities, even if local authorities were suspected of corruption. Due to his unreasonable response, a request was made that his office put that answer in writing. He declared they weren’t going to put it in writing under any circumstances. Not knowing what else to do and feeling overwhelmed with thoughts that this absolutely has to be deliberate machinery designed specifically as a collaboration to discourage the determination and attempts to get Justice for William B. Brock. In one of the letters that Mr. Brock wrote, to address a threat to his life by a Volkswagen official, he wrote, “Be informed that everything including death can be reinforcing under certain circumstances. Also, overuse of punishment weakens its effectiveness if people get used to it.” One of the goals this mission is to make those words resonate true for Mr. Brock in his absence.
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In 2007

During the ladder half of 2007, it was decided to reach out to the U.S. Attorney General due to disturbing information that was found online about the District Attorney of Washington County, Pennsylvania was being investigated by the FBI. In about the same year, Mr. Brock’s son visited the Register of Wills to determine if Mr. Brock had a will. While at the Register of Wills office, the clerk spoke very highly of Mr. Brock and his accomplishments in the city of Washington County, Pennsylvania. The clerk acknowledged that her children went to school with Mr. Brock’s younger children.  Later that night, as a result of that visit, a disturbing, threatening phone call was received; from someone who didn't like the fact that so much digging was being done. Also, in 2007 Mr. Brock’s son hired an attorney who thought he could help draw enough interest to the case to get it opened; unfortunately, the efforts and approach were unsuccessful. In another attempt to obtain a copy of the original police report to get all of the facts of what took place in Mr. Brock’s home, on the night of the alleged suicide. The Washington County City Solicitor’s Office received an  FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Request.
Additionally, in October 2007, leading handwriting expert Curtis Baggett examine the alleged suicide note found near Mr. Brock’s body and compare it to other known handwriting of Mr. Brock. He discovered that the alleged suicide note was forged, and he is willing to prove this in a court of law. 

But, it’s got to get to court.

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In 2006

The Pennsylvania State Attorney's office was contacted to inform them of the suspicion of iniquitous behavior and plead for their intervention and assistance in an attempt to supersede the possible corruption in the Washington County government. Based on the continued encountered roadblock with the Washington County City Police Department, Pennsylvania State Police, and many other roadblocks confronted, such as: continued failed attempts with the Washington County District Attorney, former members of the VW Black Caucus, and former employees of Mr. Brock. It was communicated from the Pennsylvania State Attorneys office that nothing would or could be done unless they were invited in by local law enforcement.  If there's corruption in local law enforcement, then why would they invite them?
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In 2003

The Washington County Office of the Pennsylvania State Police was contacted; specifically, a Detective In the Criminal Investigative Unit, the officer agreed that the facts of this case sounded awfully fishy and began to look into the inconsistencies of this case. The officer gave his assurance that he took the facts of this case seriously and gave his word that he’d thoroughly examine these discrepanciesA few days later, the Detective declared, "this case is really deep, your father did not kill himself, and we're going to get to the bottom of this."  He extended an additional contact number to reach him. He vowed to follow up in a few days, two days, turned into two weeks, and then far too long since he had followed up. After several attempts to reach the Detective on the numbers that he provided, and upon realizing he couldn't be reached on either of the numbers that he himself extended, it became extremely frustrating after several attempts and no success.  Colonel Miller, the Chief of the Pennsylvania State Police, was contacted in an attempt to reach that Detective to determine why he refused to answer any calls. Col. Miller requested a couple of days to look into the situation. When the Col. followed up, he advised that this case was out of his jurisdiction; they couldn't help and refused to go into further detail. Mr. Brock's son then asked, "If I walked up to someone in that jurisdiction, put a gun to their head and pulled the trigger, are you saying you couldn't arrest me because it's out of your jurisdiction?"   The Col. said, "Sir, I can't help you" and terminated the call.

This was interpreted as someone above the Pennsylvania State Police insisting that their office cease and desist, investigating.


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In 1996

DrCyril Wecht, one of the best pathologists in the country, was asked, has he ever dealt with suicide? He said, "Of course." Then he was asked where people shoot themselves? He said, "Men tend to shoot themselves in the mouth, under the chin or in the temple; women typically tend to shoot themselves in the heart because they want an open casket funeral." When asked, has he EVER dealt with a suicide case where a  LEFT HANDED  man shot himself in the BACK of the RIGHT side of his head? He said, "No .” And the doctor asked, What did the coroner 's inquest say?" It was explained that there was  NO inquest; there was a report but no inquest. He said, That sounds like foul play.” 
Over the next several years, family members were interviewed, along with friends, to learn more about the active life of Mr. Brock. Prior to his death, he had been elected branch president of the Washington County office of the NAACP and was considering running for Mayor in Washington County, those who knew him said he would've won hands down. He was a 3rd-degree black belt in several different forms of martial arts, and he owned a Cleaning Service in the city of Pittsburgh. He didn't even own a gun but, he borrowed the gun from his brother due to the continued death threats on his life and cross burnings on his front lawn.
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In 1995

The former attorney for the VW Black Caucus was contacted to request his assistance in pursuing an effort to persuade law enforcement to re-examine the facts of this case. While standing in the attorney’s office, Mr. Brocks son was warned, “You'd better leave this case alone before what happened to your father happens to you." The mere mention of that statement denotes the fact that he knew in his heart that Mr. Brock DID NOT commit suicide. General thought would’ve been, if he killed himself, that wouldn't happen to me. After several attempts of reaching out to former members of the VW Black Caucus for assistance with exposing this obvious cover-up, the common response was always the same, "I've got a family." This reaction is a clear declaration of fear. If William B. Brock committed suicide, what are these people so afraid of? William Bryant Brock lost his life fighting for the Civil Rights of other minorities. 
The question is; Who will fight to Get Justice for William B. Brock?

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In 1994

In going to the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Civil Action No. 83-1192 was pulled from the archives.  Parts of the records were sealed for 50 yearsspecifically, the records indicating the amount of money received by Mr. Brock’s Widow. The portion of the records that were not sealed named several high ranking VW officials as defendants in the civil suit that Mr. Brock’s widow brought against VW. Namely, The Vice President of group manufacturing, The Former Plant Manager, Vice President of Personnel, Industrial Relations, Corporate Director of Personnel, Corporate Counsel, Plant Manager of South Charleston, West Virginia, Production Manager, General Administrator of salaried personnel, Director of Personnel, Production Supervisor, General Administrator of salaried personnel, Personnel Director, General Superintendent of Production, and Superintendent of Production.
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Interesting Facts :
Court documents disclosed the fact that the defendants violated Mr. Brock's privacy, forced and coerced his violation of Federal and State laws by requiring that his telephone conversations be electronically recorded, including conversations with federal and state officers charged with the enforcement of equal employment and civil rights statutes . They subjected Mr. Brock to racial hostility, humiliation, threats, and a malicious work atmosphere. In response to Mr. Brock's opposition to this treatment that the defendants conspired and combined to harass, injure and deprive Mr. Brock of his employment by making knowingly false reports of Mr. Brock's conduct and performance, continued to harass, threaten and intimidate Mr. Brock!!!!
Documents pointed out the fact that the company assured
Mr. Brock that during his tenure at the Volkswagen Westmoreland plant that hed be developing and implementing the corporate efforts to employ blacks at the plant. In addition, it was discovered in this document that each defendant was responsible for continual punishment, retaliation, and continued threats of extortion for opposing the racial discrimination and unlawful act of the defendants!!!!

Court documents further acknowledged that the defendants undertook public and private surveillance of Mr. Brock, including electronic surveillance and monitoring of the business, social, and personal activities of Mr. Brock; filed false reports as to his conduct and performance; communicated threats to the life and safety of Mr. Brock and his family and fabricated knowingly false and groundless charges of sexual harassment against Mr. Brock. 

On January 5th , 1983 Days Before His Death,  Mr. Brock and other members of the VW Black Caucus were summoned to a meeting at the Westmoreland plant by The Directors of Personnel, The Corporate Counsel for Volkswagen and The Corporate Director of Personnel in an attempt to coerce members of the VW Black Caucus to withdraw and abandon the Civil Action No . 83 - 5.  Further they attempted to coerce, intimidate and threaten Mr. Brock to refrain from participating in the Civil Action himself, in addition, they wanted Mr. Brock to take actions to prevent other members of the VW Black Caucus from pursuing the lawsuit. Corporate Counsel for Volkswagen, the abiding Director of Personnel and the Corporate Director of Personnel, threatened Mr. Brock with knowingly false and groundless charges of sexual harassment by The Production Supervisor; furthermore, they threatened to knowingly file and publicly expose additional fabricated charges by other employees.
Some really interesting facts were discovered during further research. Namely that Mr. Brock
DID NOT  go to Volkswagen for employment but, rather he was recruited by Volkswagen when they were experiencing tumultuous times related to the black community, as local black newspapers leveled attacks on the companies hiring practices and black community leaders threatened boycotts, lead marches, and pray-ins at the plant gates.  In July 1977, William B. Brock was recruited  as an Equal Employment Opportunity Administrator  in the personnel office at the Westmoreland plant. He was assured that he would be drafting a solid affirmative action plan to ensure full compliance with the Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity Laws at The Volkswagen Westmoreland Plant. There were more than 4,000 employees at that plant. Mr. Brock himself was responsible for a 10% minority representation on the workforce and a screeching halt in public outcries and demonstrations against Volkswagen by the press, the black community, and government agencies,

The court documents indicated that certain defendants had relocated to Michigan. One of those defendants really drew some attention, specifically The General Administrator of Salaried Personnel; Mr. Brock’s son attained his home phone number in Michigan. When the former VW employee was reached on the phone, he was asked. "Did you ever work for Volkswagen out in New Stanton, Pennsylvania?"  He excitedly responded,  " Yeah, I worked out there...!!!"  Mr. Brock’s son responded,  " Great, just the guy I want to talk to. I'm doing some research into my old man's death , and I wanted to ask you a couple of real quick questions.” You would’ve thought he'd seen a ghost by his next response; he’d begun to stutter, his voice became instantly shaken, and he sounded extremely fearful. “I, I, I, didn’t, I, didn't know your father," he said. He wasn’t aware that Mr. Brock’s son had already done his homework and spoken with several former employees of Mr. Brock, he also had in his possession correspondence that both that former VW employee and His Father had written back and forth to one another, court documents implicating that the former VW employee was named as a defendant in the Civil Action lawsuit that Mr. Brock’s widow filed against Volkswagen due to Mr. Brock’s untimely demise. Mr. Brock’s son replied.  Respectfully, sir, I didn’t give you his name ; his name was William B . Brock ." The former VW employee then said begrudgingly, still stuttering and still sounding extremely fearful, “I, I, I, didn’t, didn’t know your father.” Mr. Brock’s son reciprocated, "I find that difficult to believe, considering, I've got several letters that my father had written to you and several that you'd written back to him. I note that he sat 3 desks away from you for 3 years. He was the ONLY black man in the office, and you guys had several run-ins." Then the former VW employee's demeanor was obviously rattled and flustered, still stuttering he answered, "I, I, I, didn’t, I didn't kill him ." Mr. Brock’s son replied,  I didn't say that you did.”  Then, the former Volkswagen employee terminated the call. In law enforcement, this action is called Spontaneous Utterance. That means the person knows more than they're alluding too.
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In 1993

Furnished with this persuasive information, the Washington County District Attorney that held his office for 10 years, at that point, was approached to petition his office to re-examine the facts surrounding Mr. Brock's death-armed with documented threats on company letterhead. Additionally, equipped with the fact that Mr. Brock was LEFT HANDED, shot in the BACK of the RIGHT side of his head with a . 38 caliber pistol, with an 8-inch barrel, the FACT that the bullet entered just above his RIGHT ear in the BACK of his HEAD, and exited the TOP of his head. These facts raised monumental questions from even the average person. It is extremely disturbing to discover that a 10 year, seasoned District Attorney, had absolutely no interest in examining ANY of these new facts. Because the efforts taken thus far were getting nowhere with law enforcement officials, it was decided after further review of other documents surrounding Mr. Brock's untimely demise; that the terms of the settlement reached between Volkswagen of America Inc., and Mr. Brock’s widow, required a closer examination to understand the details of that agreement because companies don’t typically pay out settlements for suicide.
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1990 through 1993

In tracking down and interviewing several former close associates, friends, family, former employees, and law enforcement officials, whom Mr. Brock hired when he was employed by the Washington County Office of Employment and Training, knew and said he didn’t kill himself. All of the facts point to foul play, suspicion, and corporate cover-up. 
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In 1989

In contacting the Washington County Coroner's office to get specific details about Mr. Brock's death, a copy of the alleged suicide note was acquired. It was totally baffling because the suicide note made absolutely no sense at all after reading much of Mr. Brock's previous writings and, on many occasions realizing that one actually needed a thesaurus to decipher many of the words in his vocabulary. This alleged suicide note stated, "Dear world, I am your leader; maybe you could consider me."  Then he allegedly took his own life. 

Additionally, a copy of the coroner's report was also acquired. This was also a little perplexing, determining how in the world this could be ruled a suicide? After examining the coroner's report and discovering that the bullet from the . 38' caliber pistol with the 8- inch barrel entered just above his RIGHT ear in the back of his head, then EXITED the TOP of his HEAD . This fact raised considerable questions, due to the fact Mr. Brock was LEFT HANDED and shot in the BACK of the RIGHT side of his head. 
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In 1988

The Washington County , PA Police Department was contacted to request a copy of the original police report. The first officer to arrive on the scene on the night of the alleged suicide, gave his statement, based on his recollection, as to what took place that night. He advised that he believed Mr. Brock actually did commit suicide, the officer’s comments were, I wasn t far from the scene when I got the call and when I arrived on the scene, there was still smoke coming out of the wound . ” This was a very puzzling statement because Mr. Brock’s widow said after hearing the gunshot, hearing him fall, and knowing what happened, she gathered the children and ran to a neighbor’s to call for help. Typically when 911 calls are placed, they go directly to the 911 operator, not the police car. His statement was troubling because Mr. Brock’s head would’ve had to have been on fire for the smoke to be still exuding from the wound. Also, the general protocol among police officers is, whenever called to a scene where gunshots are involved, police officers are to wait for back-up to arrive before entering the scene. As the conversation continued with this officer, a copy of the original police report was continuously requested but repeatedly denied. As a result, the continued denial, the Chief of the Washington County Police Department, was contacted.  The local police refused to release documents that should have been public record and available to anyone. Finally, the insight of an Internal Affairs office was sought to assist in obtaining these records.  Unfortunately, it was discovered that the Washington Police Department had no Internal Affairs office.
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Time for Change
The black workers at the plant formed a caucus to provide a united front and made Mr. Brock their president and spokesperson. However, conditions didn't improve. Eventually, the black workers filed a $70 million class-action discrimination lawsuit against Volkswagen because of the ongoing racial discrimination. Even though Volkswagen attempted to blackmail Mr. Brock, their efforts failed, he joined the lawsuit. After the death of Mr. Brock, the class action discrimination suit faded away.


The Ending of His Life
William B. Brock died from a gunshot wound to the back of the right side of his head, and the bullet exited the top of his head. The day after he was shot, the official report says that it was self-inflicted. However, the facts point to homicide. There are a number of inconsistencies related to Mr. Brock's death. The evidence indicates a cover-up and isn't as it seems.

Contact us if you want to get justice and answers for Mr. Brock.